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Joy Rainbow

Joy Rainbow

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In the past few years, I have seen lots of businesses start “random acts of kindness” initiatives. These are mostly in eating/drinking establishments where somebody can pay for a coffee/cake for a stranger 💕

I love the idea of being able to brighten somebody’s day with a little freebie and have been wondering how it could be done with my little business 💡

Enter: Joy Rainbows 🌈

When you buy a Joy Rainbow, you are buying a rainbow for somebody who needs a little pick me up. You won’t receive anything yourself, other than confirmation that somebody has received your kind gift! 🎁

Each time a Joy Rainbow is purchased, I will place one mini rainbow for “sale” at £0. If somebody feels like they need a little joy, they can add it to their basket and “buy” the rainbow that has already been paid for 💕

We can’t fix everything for everyone… but we can spread a little joy 🌈

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